To assist the people of the tri state area to recover from any disaster through mutual communication, cooperation, coordination & collaboration from members of the COAD.

Ohio Responds- Ohio Medical Reserve Corps

The Ohio Medical Reserve Corps (OMRC) is a community-based civilian volunteer program that helps build the public health infrastructure of communities nation wide and our state.

How does OMRC benefit you and your community?  Provides additional personnel for public health and emergency response infrastructures.  Enables communities to meet specific health preparedness needs.  Gives community members the opportunity to make their communities healthier and safer.  Provides a collaborative atmosphere for information sharing and coordination among partner organizations.  Enables dialogue between emergency management and public health agencies.  Supports national recognition of local public health and emergency response efforts.

Who is eligible to be an OMRC volunteer?  In the healthcare arena, medical and public health professionals-including, among others, physicians, nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, pharmacy inters, dentists, LPNs,  EMTs, mental health professionals, social workers, veterinarians, students, retired healthcare professionals and epidemiologists.  Community members, interpreters, chaplains, office workers and legal advisors.  Everyone can  help!

If you are interested visit the Ohio Responds web site:


This information was provided by Ohio Responds pamphlet.

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